Purchasing Prints and JPG files.

We offer the ability to host all photos taken at your event on our site here, where customers can purchase reprints or a copy of the JPG file.

Please note: JPG files are for personal use only. We expect you will want to put them on your own social media page, make your own prints, or otherwise purchase them as gifts for others.

All photos are copyrighted and owned by Castle Photography.

Any form of commercial use is a violation of copyright and the terms and conditions of sale and anyone caught will be banned from further purchases, and subject to legal action.

Sorry for being blunt, but there are a few too many instances of people using images they don't own to sell t-shirts, prints, posters and other paraphenalia online. Its embarrassing for me, and awkward for the celebrities who are in the photos as well...

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Our online Store.

Our apologies while the site is being rebuilt, and the online store is offline. In the interim, if you want to purchase additional prints or JPGs please use the details on our Contact Us page.

Prices: (Inclusive of GST)

  • $15.00 - 8*10 or 8*12 inch print (whatever your original print size was). We can zoom, crop and rotate the image as well, but will need you to be explict about what you want.
  • $20.00 - JPG file of your photo. (6Mpixel file)
For now, email us with the details of what you wish to purchase. Mailing costs will be estimated at the time of order. JPG files will be emailed.

Note: (1) we offer $10 reprints in person during the event, or at any later event for the same organiser.

Note: (2) the actual images taken and archived are 18Mpixel files, but these are too large to host online when you have many tens of thousands of files, much less download quickly to your device, which is why a smaller 6Mpixel file is offered for sale. This is enough however to print your own 8*10 inch prints at top quality levels (300dpi) at any photo lab.