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ete's Fan hotos!

Purchasing Photos from this site

Prices and instructions for ordering prints of anything you see here, including new instructions for credit card orders.

Each photo on the site has one or more lines of descriptions. The final bit of information next to each photo is the PhotoID. Normally this will be something like img_1234b, but it's occasionally a descriptive name.

I need that PhotoID, and a note on which convention it was in (eg: OzTrek II, Cocktail Party) so I can find the photo you want. If you don't specify it exactly I may need to ask you a few questions to ensure I print the actual photo you wanted.

Photo Sizes available are:
- 4 * 6"        $3.30 each
- 5 * 7"        $7.70 each
- 6 * 8"        $9.90 each
- 8 * 10"      $14.30 each (I can also do 8 * 12" if required, please be specific)

- Larger sizes are possible for most images - ask for a quote and whether I think the photo will blow up as big as you'd like it to. Postage and Handling: $2.75 within Australia, $6.00 for all international orders.
(All prices Include GST)

Unless stated otherwise, the original images are high quality (6-18MPixels), and I can do a significant amount of zooming and cropping of images. Images can be rotated as well, so I can say zoom into the guest standing in the middle of a landscape shot, then crop to a portrait ratio and print it.

Needless to say, if you want me to do this I will need a detailed description of what you are after. At last report I wasn't a mind reader, so you'll have to hand hold me if I'm to provide the exact print you desire.

I'm happy to do this for a small number of prints per order at no additional cost. In other words, don't get carried away or I'll just say NO…

I will allow only ONE copy of each photo per order. The only exception is if the photo is of yourself or you explain why you want extras.

This is a fan site, for fans who want a couple of nice shots to remind them of a convention experience where your photos didn't come out, or if you didn't have your camera with you. I have no intention of supporting people whose only goal is to sell a zillion photos on ebay or otherwise rip off both you and me.

Prices for photos represent the cost of printing and handling/mailing costs only (ie: for the time I have to take off work to take a memory stick down to Teds, wait for an hour and then post it…).

Needless to say, if you see anyone with images from this site for sale, please contact me.

Ordering the Original JPGs

After a lot of consideration, I've decided to allow the sale of the original JPG files from Official Photos with Guests ONLY. That is, if you paid to say have your photos with say David Hewlett, you can now buy the actual high quality image file. You cannot buy any other image on the website however.

Conditions of sale are:
- Photos are for your personal use only. You can put them on your myspace or facebook page, but they are not to be sold or used for commercial purposes of any kind.
- Castle Photography and the respective convention organisers retain copyright on all images.
- You may order ONLY photos of yourself with guest/s. If I find out this is being abused I will stop offering the files.

- $27.50 each, up to a maximum of FOUR files from any ONE event
- If you really did get a lot of photos taken at an event (more than 4), then contact me for a quote.

Payment, International Orders

If you are outside Australia please note: Your photo prices will be GST free (that is, Aus$3.00, Aus$7.00, Aus$9.00 and Aus$13.00 respectively), and mailing costs are Aus$6.00 per order.

All International orders will be sent airmail.

All charges are in Australian Dollars

When you email me your order I will confirm the cost and postage and give you an Order Number. Payment can be made via:

1) Send a Cheque or Money Order (In Australian Dollars) to:

Castle Software Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 1065
Ashwood, VIC, 3147

Cheques should be made out to:
Castle Software Australia Pty Ltd

2) Direct Bank transfer. Please email me for account details
Note that international transfers will attract fees for the currency exchange into Australian Dollars - this is between you and your bank.

3) Credit card. We use the Paymate facility at to process credit card requests. On confirmation that you want to proceed with an order We will send you the necessary instructions - all you have to do is follow the prompts to pay. We receive confirmation a few days later from Paymate and process your photos.

Note: The amount will be billed in Australian Dollars. We are not responsible for any exchange fees or others charged by your bank or credit card vendor to process an amount in Australian dollars.

If you pay by credit card, you will receive an email containing information on how to pay using the Paymate Express Payment service.

For the most part you will be able to follow the prompts at the Paymate site and not have any problems. But if you do have some questions, Click here for more information