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ete's Fan hotos!

Hub Stargate Event - Melbourne March 2010

The rather large lineup includes: Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver, Stargate), David Nykl (Stargate Atlantis), Connor Trinneer (Stargate Atlantis, Enterprise), Dan Shea (Stargate), Christopher Judge (Stargate Atlantis), Ben Browder (Stargate, Farscape), David Blue (Stargate Universe), Claudia Black (Stargate, Farscape)

I must apologise - I discovered when the event started that I had the wrong camera lens with me - so these photos aren't up to my usual standards…sigh

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General Convention Photos

It was a large crowd - these should give you an idea of how many!

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Connor Trinneer and David Nykl

The Atlantis guests in one Q&A - the Connor and David show!

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Dan Shea, Chris Judge and David Blue

Three completely different people, on stage and mixing it up…

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Ben Browder and Claudia Black

Ok, the Farscape fan in me needs to go away for a quite moment… This was cool.

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Richard Dean Anderson

'nuff said. We'd all come to see the man, and it was good.