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ete's Fan hotos!

Links of Interest

This list is eclectic I know - it's a record of items I keep permanently in my own shortcut list, particularly ones I keep referring friends to. So I've finally put them here so I don't have to constantly work out where I left the @!&^!@!??%# URLs…

Fun and Recreational Sites. If you have had your sense of humour surgically removed, or if your sarcasm senses have atrophied then do not proceed anywhere near this section. I've provided some of the funnier stories I've come across, and links to humorous sites I recommend.

Conventions and Fan Clubs. I cannot personally recommend all of the clubs and events listed here, but I have been to a fair number of them, and know people involved in most at some level. If you want to know whats happening in the fan scene in Australia, look at these sites. If you want to know what actors are appearing, where and when, keep an eye on these links, and possibly join the various mailing lists, clubs…etc.

Discussion/Fan Forums. As far as sci-fi forums go I'm more of a lurker myself, but I do poke my nose in occasionally. The following are places I follow to some degree, or are just good sites to read for sci-fi/film/TV updates… I've also included a lot of general fan sites here for genres I'm personally interested in.