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ete's Fan hotos!

Welcome to Pete's Fan Photos

(Updated 22th June 2013)

I attended the Bill Oddie Australia tour - Melbourne show today! Love the Goodies TV show!

This site contains many many photos from events I've attended purely as a fan over the years, holiday shots, and special events with friends. Those of you who have followed this site will notice that I've put back MANY photos from old events that I had to remove previously for space reasons (my new host has a far more generous allowance!)

All images on this site are freely available for your personal use, but please note that I retain copyright. If you want more information please contact me.

If you like this site, you may find my others interesting too. They include: First Contact Photos, Armageddon Photos, and Castle Photography

As you can tell, this site is pretty much a clone of my old layout. A complete overhaul will be done by the end of the year, to refresh the layout, presentation and indexing of all photos, but also to support downloading of hi-res copies of photos.

As usual please email me if I spelt your name wrong, or if you can tell me the names of people in any photos.

To contact me, send an email to: . Or ring anytime in the afternoon or evening on (+61 3) 9736 9568

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My holiday in Egypt, New Years 1999/2000

There are few times when I will out and out BRAG about something, and this is one of them!!!!

I was at the concert at the pyramids in Egypt for new years eve 2000! (a hell of a way to go for a party, but it was worth it…)

Having blown my savings just getting there, I decided to go for broke and go on a 12 day tour as well. The photos here represent the ones that I could scan in without imposing on friends too much.

Egypt is an AMAZING place, the people are very friendly towards tourists, and the exchange rate is favourable. The scale of these ancient monuments has to be seen to be believed, photos do not do them justice at all…

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 20

A Stargate SG1 Convention, with:
Michael Shanks
Colonel Rick Searfoss (retired), Shuttle Astronaut
Jacqueline Samuda
Douglas Arthurs
David Palffy
Jan Newman

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Best of Both Worlds 19, Lord of the Rings Convention

BOBW's first Lord of the Rings event!! Held in September 2003 in Canberra.

Guests included Craig Parker (Haldir), David Weatherley (Barliman Butterbur), Ben Wootten (Senior Designer at Weta), Sarah McLeod (Rosie), Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) and John Noble (Denethor).

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Best of Both Worlds convention 18

Now held in The Rydges Hotel in Canberra.

This blockbuster event had guests from everywhere: Gil Gerard and Erin Gray from Buck Rogers, Tony Amendola from Stargate, Mira Furlan from Babylon 5, and Michael Hurst from Hercules and Andromeda. Oh, and Jonathan Hardy and David Franklin (Farscape) hung about signing autogaphs and otherwise socialising…

All in all a darn good time was had by all.

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Surfer's Paradise, Queensland

I presented two papers at Devcon 2003 in Surfer's Paradise, Queensland in April. While there I had the chance to see a few of the attractions in the area, including the Tigers at Dreamworld, Mt Tamborine, Springwood National Park and several other places.

Some photos from Devcon are also here.

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Puffing Billy, Melbourne

Puffing Billy is one of the premier attractions on the outskirts of Melbourne. Something for steam train enthusiasts and families alike.

This narrow gauge line starts at Belgrave (near Belgrave station) and wends its way up the Dandenongs to Emerald Lake and Gembrook.

Dad was visiting for a week, so I decided to take him on the lunch time special - where you are wined and dined all the way up and back!!

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 17

A Stargate and Farscape convention. With Colin Cunningham (Major Davis, Stargate), Anthony Simcoe (Farscape), David Franklin (Farscape. His first real convention appearance!!), Lani Tupu (Farscape), and Jonathan Hardy (Farscape).

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Multiverse's A day with Amanda Tapping, November 2002

On Saturday 16th November we were all treated to a very special Lady: Amanda Tapping, aka Major Samantha Carter from Stargate SG1.

The convention was held at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 16

What a huge event this was!! The guest list was endless:

Anthony Simcoe (D'argo) on Saturday only
Lani Tupu (Captain Crais)
Gigi Edgley (Chiana)
Jonathan Hardy (the voice of Rigel)
Marco Nero (Special Effects, Animal Logic)
Ricky Manning (Executive Producer)
Five Farscape Puppeteers: Mario Halouvas, Fiona Gentle, Tim Mieville, Virginia Weule, & Mat McCoy.
David Franklin (Lieutenant Braca) on Sunday only.

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 15

Their first buffy convention!

With Nicholas Brendon (Xander on Buffy), Robert Leeshock (Liam Kincaid on Earth:Final Conflict), and Gigi Edgley (chiana on Farscape)