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ete's Fan hotos!

Welcome to Pete's Fan Photos

(Updated 22th June 2013)

I attended the Bill Oddie Australia tour - Melbourne show today! Love the Goodies TV show!

This site contains many many photos from events I've attended purely as a fan over the years, holiday shots, and special events with friends. Those of you who have followed this site will notice that I've put back MANY photos from old events that I had to remove previously for space reasons (my new host has a far more generous allowance!)

All images on this site are freely available for your personal use, but please note that I retain copyright. If you want more information please contact me.

If you like this site, you may find my others interesting too. They include: First Contact Photos, Armageddon Photos, and Castle Photography

As you can tell, this site is pretty much a clone of my old layout. A complete overhaul will be done by the end of the year, to refresh the layout, presentation and indexing of all photos, but also to support downloading of hi-res copies of photos.

As usual please email me if I spelt your name wrong, or if you can tell me the names of people in any photos.

To contact me, send an email to: . Or ring anytime in the afternoon or evening on (+61 3) 9736 9568

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Best of Both Worlds - Convention 25

Lord of the Rings - our penultimate event!

Guests included: Paul Norell (King of the Dead), Daniel Falconer (Senior designer, Weta), Jonathan Harding (Master Erastor), Sandro Kopp (Gildor), Jorn Benzon (Rumil), Jarl Benzon (Glorfindel), Emily Sturrock (Weta, hero armour and Weapons), Matt Appleton (Orc Director & Saelbeth), Daniel Reeve (Calligrapher & Cartographer).

There was one full day of workshops, and then our usual weekend of activities: Two one day conventions, cocktail party, banquet and wrap party…

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Lord of the Rings Exhibition - Sydney

The exhibition opened in the Powerhouse Museum on Boxing day 2004. We got to see it on day 2, 27th December. Unfortunately photos are not allowed within the exhibition, so all I have are some shots of the entrance, showing a replica of the Argonath "bigatures" used for the films.

Oh, don't bother trying to flout the ban on photos, they have security cameras covering every bit of the exhibit, and staff or volunteers are always on duty. The photos I got here are the limit of what is permissable.

The exhibition goes until the end of March 2006. For more information, go to the museum's website

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Best of Both Worlds - Convention 23

Lord of the Rings - our fourth event!

Guests included: Thomas Robins (Deagol), Stephen Ure (Gorbag and Grishnakh), Paul Norell (King of the Dead), David Weatherley (Barliman Butterbur), Brett beattie (Gimli stunt and scale double), Andrew Stehlin (Stuntman), Daniel Falconer (Senior designer, Weta), Mike Grealish (Senior leather master, Weta).

There were two full days of workshops, and then our usual weekend of activities: Two one day conventions, cocktails party, banquet and wrap party…

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My 40th Birthday

I normally let birthdays slide by, with a quiet dinner with close friends and a few phone calls to family, but I wasn't allowed to get away with that this year…sigh.

After much to do, the usual successes, organisational disasters and last minute no-shows, about 20 of us had a very good time. I then went out with friends over the next few days, including lunch on Puffing Billy on my birthday itself.

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September 2004 Events!!

This has been a busy month for LOTR conventions in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have hosted events. I was lucky enough to attend two of these, and add some autographs (and photos) to my collection! Enjoy!

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 22

Life is a Cabaret!!

We did something different this time. Instead of asking our guests to stand and talk about Lord of the Rings, we asked them to put on a concert/cabaret and show us what they normally get paid to do (when not doing conventions!).

So we had Craig Parker, Mark Ferguson and Joel Tobeck performing improvisation comedy, singing, conducting trivia competitions and many many more things, filling an afternoon and evening. Somewhere in there we also had a banquet dinner.

And for the hardy souls who braved Canberra in winter, there was a tour to Tidbinbilla on Friday and a winery tour on Sunday.

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My New Zealand Holiday, April 2004

Adele and Brian mentioned they were going over to Armageddon and then to Wellington to catch up with friends at Weta. They asked if I was interested, and of course I immediately said YES!! (silly question really...).

We attended Armageddon in Auckland, then drove to Wellington via Rotorua. After a few days in Wellington we drove back via Mt Ruapehu (in the Tongariro National Park). I have a zillion scenery shots, and have sorted out the best ones for display here.

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Jeremy and Khanh's Wedding

I was dobbed into doing the "official" photos for their wedding. What you see here is the majority of the photos, with some omissions.

Putting the photos here was the simplest way for everyone to see them, and I've created a CD of all the images separately.

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Best of Both Worlds Convention 21

Our second Lord of the Rings event!! Held in March 2004 in Canberra.

Guests included Craig Parker (Haldir), David Weatherley (Barliman Butterbur), Ben Wootten (Senior Designer at Weta), Warren Mahy (Senior Designer at Weta), Sarah McLeod (Rosie), Mark Ferguson (Gil Galad, FOTR), Jørn Benzon (Rumil and others), Joel Tobeck (Orc Lieutenant, ROTK).

Note: Dominic Monaghan (Merry) was originally coming, but had to drop out as he got a part on a new Disney Pilot which is shooting now. Those of you who didn't come missed out on a live phone link with Dominic on Saturday!!

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New year's eve, Melbourne 2004