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ete's Fan hotos!

Welcome to Pete's Fan Photos

(Updated 22th June 2013)

I attended the Bill Oddie Australia tour - Melbourne show today! Love the Goodies TV show!

This site contains many many photos from events I've attended purely as a fan over the years, holiday shots, and special events with friends. Those of you who have followed this site will notice that I've put back MANY photos from old events that I had to remove previously for space reasons (my new host has a far more generous allowance!)

All images on this site are freely available for your personal use, but please note that I retain copyright. If you want more information please contact me.

If you like this site, you may find my others interesting too. They include: First Contact Photos, Armageddon Photos, and Castle Photography

As you can tell, this site is pretty much a clone of my old layout. A complete overhaul will be done by the end of the year, to refresh the layout, presentation and indexing of all photos, but also to support downloading of hi-res copies of photos.

As usual please email me if I spelt your name wrong, or if you can tell me the names of people in any photos.

To contact me, send an email to: . Or ring anytime in the afternoon or evening on (+61 3) 9736 9568

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Supanova - Sydney October 2006

Hey, I couldn't not go, with the great guests they had. Its also an opportunity to meet up with a lot of friends too! Guests included: Clare Kramer (Buffy), Colin Cunningham (Stargate SG-1), Mira Furlan (Babylon 5 and Lost), Summer Glau (Firefly and Serenity), Kevin Weisman (Alias, Buffy) and Tony Amendola (Stargate) on Sunday only.

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The VCA Star trek Exhibition

I'm still puzzling out exactly what this is supposed to be about, as the literature given out was frequently wrong regarding trekkie lore and canon. I expect the purpose is more for arts sake than fans…

IAC, some of the items here were beyond cool - and all had a good time…

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Armadale Uniting Church's 125th Anniversary

This celebration was in mid-October (I'm a bit late in processing the photos). It was a chance for past and present members of the congregation to gather, swap stories and catch up. A concert and auction also raised money for necessary restoration work.

If you'd like a CD of these photos please contact our minister.

Armadale Uniting Church's website

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The Hub Productions Buffy Convention (Melbourne)

I was able to attend the Melbourne part of their Sydney/Melbourne tour. The event included: Amber Benson (Tara), and "The Troika": Adam Busch (Warren), Tom Lenk (Andrew) and Danny Strong (Jonathan).

I figured you would all be more interested in seeing these photos sooner rather than later - so I'll worry about silly captions some other time…

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Terra Nova 3 - Adelaide

Starring the ever lovely Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5), John Billingsley (Dr Phlox, Enterprise) and his wife Bonita (who along with heckling John, was actually in an episode of Enterprise as well!).

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Supanova in Brisbane, April 2006

With extra Summer Glau goodness, Jon Schneider, Patrick Kake and Bruce Spence along with many many other things - all in all a very full weekend!

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A Volunteer's Journal from the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games

Yep, I was a volunteer. I was part of the Media Services unit at the MCG during the ceremonies and athletics. Officially my role was "Photo Assistant", which meant I was working with the official photographers and other acredited photographers.

Most of the time I was "Photo Marshall", which meant I was shadowed the photographers in the marked areas around the field (and sometimes on the field of play). It was a support role - to assist the photographers in performing their tasks, and a guard role - keeping Joe Public out of their hair (and off some very expensive equipment!). The former was pretty easy, the latter was downright stressful at times…sigh. However it was a great experience all round, and I do it again in a heartbeat...

Most of the photos I got were taken while I was off duty, or when things were quiet. Unfortunately the *best* moments are generally when you can't possibly whip out your own camera - so you end up taking surrogate pride in the photos that were taken by the pros, especially if they made the front cover of the the next days paper.

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New Zealand Holiday 2006

Over for another quick visit to see few sites and catch up with friends! I'll only put a couple of highlights online here. Anyone present in the party shots, or the special tours we had should contact me directly for a DVD containing them.

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Best of Both Worlds - Convention 26

Maybe their last spectacular event!?

Guests included: Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Fraiser), David Hewlett (Dr Rodney McKay), Paul McGillion (Dr Carson Beckett), David Nykl (Dr Zelenka), Sonny Whitelaw (Author), and Ivy Isenberg (Casting Director).

There was one full day of workshops, and then our usual weekend of activities: Two one day conventions, cocktail party, banquet and wrap party…

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SupaNova, Sydney October 2005

Another weekend in Sydney with costumes, TV and Movie guests, a huge array of stands enticing you to part with money, artist's alley and lots more…

Hey, once I found some work in Sydney just after that weekend, attending became a no-brainer!